Woman falls from hotel window after fight with American tourist

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American tourist is arrested in Peru after a woman falls four floors to the ground from her hotel window after the pair had an argument about missing money

An American man has been detained by police in Peru after a woman fell from the fourth floor window of her hotel room.

CCTV captured the moment the woman was found writhing in pain on the pavement after plummeting to the ground.

She is seen clutching her body as she rolls around from side to side, but incredibly she survived largely unharmed.

It happened last week at the San Pedro Inn hotel located in the district of Surquillo in the Peruvian capital, Lima.

One hour earlier, Perla Reategui, 22, was seen entering the hotel with American tourist Bruce Bradshaw who had been staying at the hotel for three days.

Reategui and Bradshaw went to room 408 at 1.39am and but then returned to the reception after 20 minutes where they reportedly had a heated discussion about a missing $100 bill.

Reategui is seen heading down the stairs at 2am but Bradshaw quickly followers her looking like he is doing up his blue shirt in the process.

They are then seen arguing in the lobby.

The 22-year-old, dressed in a floral top and black trousers, originally from Loreto in northern Peru, wanted to leave the hotel premises during the row but Bradshaw insisted that she stay and stood in her way as she tried to leave.


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