TOP 3 EASIEST Work From Home Jobs | 2017

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Here are the TOP 3 EASIEST Work From Home Jobs In 2017. Check my Blog for the full scoop!

Here are the number 1 website that everyone goes to. If you fill out your profile right and network you can actually make more then a full time income from doing simple tasks.

1. Testing Websites
I’m sorry I could not find the testing website I had applied at before but I found one similar.

2. Writing
It can be very hard finding a realistic online writing job which is why I took the liberty to create a list of what I think are the best websites that offer writing jobs just for you guys!

3. Virtual Assistant/ Customer Service Rep
These are a bit of the same thing, the only difference would be customer service is working for big companies rather than a VA could just be for a solo person. I could hire a VA right now if I wanted to but it would be harder for me to hire a Customer Service Rep.

If you think you would be interested in a customer service job then you can go to almost any major company and apply. I didn’t feel it was necessary to compile a list for this one because of how easy it is to find and I know you guys are super smart.

Here is a list below of the BEST websites that offer VA services.


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