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Yoga has good cures for removing neck pain and backaches. There are various yoga poses which helps to attain this kind of good health. Bhujangasana is a yoga pose that is good for strengthening the spine as well as the chest. MeaningBhujanga means a snake in Sanskrit and asana means pose so Bhujangasana in Sanskrit means the Snake Pose. HistoryBhujangasana is a common asana amongst the rishis since ancient times. In fact this pose has travelled a long way down the historical era of yoga and its ancient methods. TechniqueLie on the stomach.Remove Neck PainRemove Neck PainKeeping the hands below [More]
These days children eat fatty junk foods, like burgers, pizzas, cakes, etc which results them in becoming obese. Obesity is a common disease now in kids. With the help of Yoga asanas and yoga practices kids can also benefit and lose weight, especially the kids who are suffering from obesity.Watch the video to know more! This yoga pose gets its name from the plough – a popular farming tool. Like its namesake, this pose prepares the ‘field’ of the body and mind for deep rejuvenation. The process for doing Halasana is as follows : 1) Lie on your back with [More]
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Chakrasana or the wheel pose is a backward bending yoga asana. Chakra in sanskrit means Wheel. In chakrasana, the final position looks like a wheel, hence the name. It gives great flexibility to the spine. 1) Lie down on your back with hands on the side.2) Bend your knees and bring your heels as close to the buttocks as possible. The heels should be about 1 foot apart.3) Now raise your hands and bring it back next to the ears. Place the palms on the floor with the fingers pointing towards the shoulders.4) Lift your body up with the support [More]