– Small Business Marketing Tips: Why I Dont Lead With My Biz Opp Blog: Phone: 5530-270-9249 Small Business Marketing Tips: Why I Dont Lead With My Biz Opp. Leading with your business opportunity is not a bad thing, I just dont do it. It doesnt make sense to me. I wasnt taught to do that when it came to my mentors. In this video I talk about why.
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Data protection is something all businesses need to be concerned about. But, a lot of small business owners think they’re immune from the threat. This is not the case. How do you protect your small business? There is no magic formula, but a lot can be done. Data classification is a must. If you don’t know where your data is, there is a high chance someone will find it. Classifying data ensures you and your employees know how to handle it safely. Control who has access to your systems with identity access management solutions, and implement tighter access controls, such [More]
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