Small Business Financial Management Kit For Dummies If you re a small business owner, managing the financial affairs of your business can seem like a daunting task-and it s one that far too many people muddle through rather than seek help.Click here to view ebook
clik here For Small Businesses Finally Simplified – Learn The Important Things Without The Fluff “**Read For Free With Kindle Unlimited! – Bonus Included In The Book!**” Did you know: the typical small business owner works three to four months just to earn enough profit to pay taxes?Whether you ve been in business for several decades or are breaking ground as a new entrepreneur, taxes are a significant expenditure. They must be accounted for and incorporated into your business plan from the very beginning. Failing to account for taxes when planning, budgeting, and assessing revenue goals for a business [More]
This fully updated, hands-on guide takes the guesswork out of setting up and running a business with QuickBooks QuickBooks 2016: The Best Guide for Small Business shows, from start-to-finish, how to get the most out of QuickBooks and efficiently manage small business finances. You will discover how to deploy proven best practices from other successful users and gain control of their financial operations using QuickBooks. Revised to cover all QuickBooks 2016 desktop versions, this comprehensive volume offers methods for managing business finances, processing invoices, tracking inventory, monitoring sales, and administering payroll. The authors explain common mistakes users make and teach [More]