Setting up your company off shore has several advantages over other forms of company setup in Dubai. Offshore companies are often preferred because of how discreet they are compared to other forms of companies that are there in Dubai. Locations where you can setup offshore companies are located in three specific areas in Dubai – Jemel Ali (which is in Dubai), Ajman, and Ras Al Khaimah. the benefits of setting up an off shore company in any of the three locations: -There is 100 % ownership of your business -Do not have to divulge any information about shareholders -It is [More]
Here is how I use my Filofax to keep track of my business calendar and how I keep up with my customers and recruits! You can also see my Thirty-One Arc Party binder! I hope I inspire you and give you ideas to adapt to use with your own business! Want to know more about joining my team! Email me!~~ My Thirty-One website~~ Pull out yearly calendar~~ Amanda’s video on managing your direct sales contacts~~
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Tom Bowman, Distributor for Javita Coffee Company goes through the quick and easy steps to becoming a top performer in the Javita Independent Business. This Segment is Part 5. Step 3: Inviting Guests and Pre-Party Setup For more information visit
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