[PDF] How to Break Into Pharmaceutical Sales: A Headhunter s Strategy Popular Online

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Today, more and more candidates are competing for positions in the rewarding field of pharmaceutical sales. With Tom Ruff on your side, you can become one of the breakthrough stories. In his down-to-earth and deeply practical style, the President and CEO of Tom Ruff Company shares the secrets he s gathered over his 18 years of grooming and placing top talent. Widely regarded for his commitment to ethics and excellence, Tom has built a company that is a preferred recruiter for more than 100 of the country s top pharmaceutical and medical device companies, including Abbott Laboratories, Johnson & Johnson and Pfizer. Specializing in the placement of pharmaceutical sales and medical device sales professionals, Tom Ruff Company is headquartered in Manhattan Beach, California, with offices in San Francisco, Phoenix, Dallas, and New York City.


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