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Mobile Friendly website is a must for you in small and local business guys. Just look around you, everybody is using various different mobile devices. If you go for a coffee, If you go to the Bank, If you go to the shop or you are in the train.They are connected to the net 24/7. Google stats on mobile friendly sites Google conducted a study at the end of 2012 and found that 47% of consumers were frustrated and annoyed with businesses that did not have a mobile friendly website. So think about all the potential customers you are [More]
Video marketing is the way of the future guys, so you in small and local business have to get on board and start shooting. Video marketing is a powerful medium for you to present your business and shows case you and your personality. It is worth to keep in mind people still buy from people. The power of video Youtube gets 4 billion hits a day guys also 80 % of people online no longer read they scan. This is a lot of people when one considers that there are 2.1 billion people online today and that number is [More]
Web Design Ireland “Web design Ireland”, many small business owners in Ireland type this in to the search engines. This of course is the first step in getting a website developed if you do not go with whoever is doing it locally. But something I have noticed through my experience of working with small business. It has become quite evident that many of you small business do not have real ownership of your site. You need a website for sure as a small business but you need to make it work for you. What you do not need is [More] Promotional video for The BritPop Store – BritPop and Vintage British Music Memorabilia. Film at our studio in Stalybridge, Greater Manchester.
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