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ZERHEX BRIDGE LIVE AUDIO BROADCASTER & POPULAR FITNESS APPS | Right Now with Basedow #6 TV Lifestyle Expert John Basedow (@JohnBasedow) showcases the Zerhex Bridge G1 Live Audio Broadcaster and Receiver, which is used by everyone from major broadcasters to DJ/host companies to any individual podcaster who wants to broadcast audio online. In a bonus FIT TIP, John discusses fitness apps to motivate you and help you achieve your exercise and nutrition goals. Thanks to Zerhex for sponsoring the show!Find out more info on their Zerhex Bridge G1 Live Audio Broadcaster and Receiver here: Special Thanks to:Edwin Feliciano ( – [More]
We’ve all seen them. So, you might be wondering…how do Girls Gone Strong deal with internet trolls? Elisabeth Akinwale, Molly Galbraith, Erin Brown, Coach Karen, and Strong Coffey Personal Training share their strategies here!
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ftcash is a financial services company. ftcash envisions to empower micro-merchants and SMEs through financial inclusion using digital payments and loans.
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