Opportunity Cost

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liu metivier says:

can someone explain why it is unrealistic for it to be linear ? and more
likely to be concave ?

p.s very helpful video =] 

Fariza Utepbayeva says:

thank you very much. it was really helpful

Noore Tautaya says:

when production of cheese increases the opportunity costs of wool increases
on the upper part of the x – axis and not as shown on the demo video

Melissa Roberts says:

This guy defines his own rules of economics. Normally, when quantity
increases, price increases. So how come almost 200,000 people want to watch
this video tutorial, and it remains free?

Vladimir Baldin says:

Our teacher recommended you in our Uni, and i have to i admit, it was worth
watching! Im subscribing!

Alexandra Martin says:

thank you that helps a lot

Adriana Rosen says:

Thank you so much!!

adam wolf says:

you have made my micro class so much easier and saved me on my test thank
you so much for the video! you are a great teacher and make it so simple.
life saver!

TheEpicTori says:

Thanks sir!

peoriapsd150 says:

We use GaggleTube at our district to access filtered YouTube videos. Since
this video has embedding disabled, we can’t view it at school. Could you
change this video to allow embedding? Then we can view it through our
school filters. Thanks!

EXOniHunter says:

@csurmi22 A convex PPF? Thats the 1st time i have heard bout it…..If
possible will you make a vid bout it? I really suck at econs but i am
willing to learn more…..So can you?

danpharris1 says:

It’s 01:20 on the day of my Business Economics exam, and your online
lectures are helping me make sense of my notes!! Thank-you. Do you have any
of your stand-up on YouTube??

Fredd Anderson says:

@pajholden think he means 4th year of secondary school.. ie, year 10.

Abby Chang says:


ufoniii says:

fatastic plz tell ur name for more

Adeel Baig says:

luv u man … u made my concept clear 😀

darandonman says:

I have a question On a concave PPF, does the opportunity cost ALWAYS
increase as the output of the good/service on the ‘y’ axis increases?

CWRT says:

He taught this better in 5 minutes than my teacher did in 40.

QuickBricks288 says:

Thank you so much for explaining this to me!! I could not find a meaning I
understood on any websites about opportunity cost!

Luis T. Puig says:

Productivity is a result of Efficiency, and not energy efficiency like some
are talking right now, but COMPLETE Efficiency…if you don’t know the
Baselines of your business how can you improve it?… if your Equipment
isn’t kept and operated properly how can you depend on it?…if your
organization has no effective worker’s communication & training how can you
get people to do the right things?…get it? Process, Equipment, Personnel,
the core elements… get the Industrial Efficiency Triangle.

Sk8tr201 says:

that was very helpful!!!! THANK YOU! =D

Dhaamin Samsoodeen says:

Thank you for all the great videos it helped me a lot. Thumbs up 🙂

Rafael Morseletto says:

Why does the opporunity cost curve make a concave, but the indifference
curve makes a convex? It seems like almost the same to me.

pajholden says:

@Tosnel Hi – thank you for your kind comments. I used to work in the UK. I
was a stand-up comedian for a year, then got into teaching. I taught in a
tiny language school in a mountain town in Arcadia, Greece for a year, fell
in love with teaching and Greece, came back to the UK and taught History
for three years in state schools in Dagenham and Morecambe. But Greece was
in my blood by then, and kept calling me back, so I moved to Athens
permanently in 1996.

amy chang says:

thumbs up you rock man ~ my lecturer recommended us to watch you teachings
is was wonderful ~

ThatDrumBoy says:

@pajholden That’s an ace story!

Bianca Hock says:

Thank you for your help! I am a student at Ucla and we covered this topic
in my World Politics course for our Global Trade chapter— I’m not an
economics major, but your way of explaining clarified things very well 🙂
Thanks again!

Dzec Dzec says:


Rachel H says:

thankyou thankyou thankyou ! 😀

iisnain says:

great stuff…brilliant…:)

Kaytie Mae says:

ahh he teaches better than my teacher ..

Abhijit Ghosh says:

man ur too good…thx indeed…saved a lot of time

hkonca says:


chidoTV says:

Excellent. I can understand it better now. Thank you!

tdrules says:

all this stuff you do helps so many people!!

Mark Galan says:

I could only lean on one example of OC but now I see that it also applies
to production and manufacturing lines. It’s like I had been living in a
flat earth before this video.

kcathcar says:

this guy is good. thanks for the videos.

weirdshibainu says:

hey blurock, it may be simple but you’d be surprised at how many businesses
particularly small businesses that have never heard of opportunity cost let
alone attempt to make a singular choice on 2 or more competing

Marcel Miranda says:

funny you should say that…my I live in the US and my teacher is from

Simon Birch says:

thank a lot, after this i eventually understand that!!

MrBigbiggerbiggest says:

thnx great stuff

FanzieBaby says:


Varun Murthy says:

Brilliant explanation!

winterx6 says:

awesome video and i have an assessment about that,,, can you give me some
examples please.. thank you

SuperLalaland09 says:

THANK YOU SIR! You should be my teacher!!! I am doing Economics for the
first time in A levels and my teacher has already made it clear tha she
will only teach us the basics and we will have to get into the depths
ourselves 😐 I am quite bad at anwering questions or exam type case
studies. Will you be able to make a video on writing modal answers? Thank
you. 🙂

Tanveer Ahmed says:

thank you sir for your help, i’ve been trying to clear my 1st yr. micro eco
and 2nd yr. macro eco since 2008. but lets hope, your tutorial will help me
to clear this time 😉

supermario1006 says:

ikr. its amazing and he explains it in its easiest form what so ever.

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