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Mark Mcdonald says:

I emailed you! I will help you out, just fill me in on where exactly you
are with it. Stick with it, and you will see results. But you have to read
the trainings, and Do what the training videos say.

Eithel Petronilia says:

Hi Mark, I want to get a way into Payday Network through your referral
account, because don’t accept people outsite of USA, Canada, and England. I
living in the caribean CURACAO. Please write me so I can get your
emailadress. My is profpy@gmail.com. Thanks. Eithel Petronilia

wesley3410 says:

Hi umm 2 months ago i signed up under your instant payday link and i wanna
say that this is a great opportunity but i havent really got any far with
this, im a person whos really struggling right now with money, i been
looking for work for like 5 months now and at the same time im trying to
make this online business work but i guess im missing something im pretty
lost and new at this and if you could just shoot me an email or something
at wesley3410@gmail.com i would like some advice thnks

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