Large House For Sale

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The house is a beautiful architectural property, featuring 11 bedrooms and 9 bathrooms, built on half an acre of land. Within the grounds are many exotic fruit and vegetables including, Custard apple, Otaheite Apples, June Plum, Lime, Soursap, Ribena, Jelly coconut, Avocado, Ackees, Breadfruits and Seville sweet oranges.

The house comprises of 7 bedrooms with unsuites and 4 bedrooms, sharing 2 unsuites. There are also two separate appartments and separate gardeners quarters. 


Very large living/dining room; kitchen; 1 master bedroom with unsuite; 2 separate apartments; 2 garages; laundry room; store room; separate gardeners quarters.

Outside there is a large yard which holds up to 6 cars and has a swimming pool, which is currently unfinished. There is also additional land space to build a 1 bedroom studio accommodation.


1 master bedroom which includes a large double walk in clothes wardrobe and unsuite with Jacuzzi, shower area, toilet and bidet.
1 large bedroom with unsuite; spacious reception hall; living room; dining room; TV room; large kitchen; separate powder room for guests; there is a large balcony from the TV room with steps leading to the ground floor.


Open plan spiral staircase to 2nd floor; 1 master bedroom with unsuite; 2nd large bedroom with unsuite; 3rd large bedroom with unsuite; 4th and 5th bedrooms with shared unsuite; 6th and 7th bedrooms with shared unsuite. Balconies to all bedrooms. Large open plan hall with book closets.

Large front veranda with wooden ceiling in dark cedar wood. Excellent views.


20 minute drive to most tourist locations, eg Dunns River Falls, Mystic Mountain, Dolphin Cove and James Bond beach. Other beaches are within walking distance. Ian Fleming Airport within close proximity.


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