how to succeed in Melaleuca business-Melaleuca Success Strategy

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How To Succeed in Melaleuca:
How to succeed in Melaleuca is a wide spread issue of many recruits. It may be true Melaleuca success is being achieved by all types of people all over the world.

However, as many as 95% to 97% of representatives in the majority of Multi Level companies including Melaleuca take in commissions far under what would be considered full-time salaries of folk working at a normal job. Figures from Multi Level company income disclosure statements reflect that normally the percentage of MLM reps that make above a part-time earnings is rarely more than 3 to 5% of the reps.

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This small percentage of reps reaching full-time and better incomes can be in part attributed the age old “pitch family and friends” business building practice that most network marketers confine themselves to. This strategy applied by itself without other strategies doesn’t work well for most reps. The key to Melaleuca success involves going beyond the people you know list.

How To Succeed in Melaleuca-Why Buying Leads Are Not The Answer To Success

Could having Melaleuca success boil down to just discovering how to generate Melaleuca leads? Gathering a list of potential reps on an on going basis is only part of the key to success. Generating a list of leads alone, without a way of targeting the right prospects and nurturing the proper “like, trust, know factor” with your leads, probably will not give the wanted result.

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This is because your conversion rates won’t be the best without the know you, like you, trust you factor being high. As far as converting your potential enrollees to sales of what you are selling or to new downline members in your multi level biz opp, it will always be related directly to the like, trust, know factor established.

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Succeeding in Melaleuca or any other multi-level opportunity will always boil down to list building. Whether you are building your multi level biz opp offline or on the web, constantly increasing your “warm market” list is the key for success. There is now a tried and tested method for growing your “warm market” on an ongoing basis. What is it? It is called Perpetuated Sphere of Influence Marketing or PSI Marketing.

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