How to speed up your internet speed 100000x faster (LATEST VIDEO)

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ZombieguyMC | Gaming & More GFX! says:

that song …. made me want to jump from a 10×10 tall tower

danny Dixon says:

you know this video is to destroy your computer when its a video about
speeding internet and you need windows -_- do you even know how the
internet works?

mario gianan says:

thanks its working .20mbps now 8mbps 

Freakz says:

You know i saw this video and i was like, I have nothing else to do in life
why not just watch it XD atleast i got 6 minutes of boredom curedXD

chakra shshi says:

it worked!!! from 1 mb to 50 kbs wow Great job it did

Hugo Guzman says:

I search run the I type run then gave me the error say windows cannot find
‘ run ‘ or ‘gpedit.msc’ Make sure you type the name correctly, and
then try again

Sheila Mailett says:

When I did “run” then ” gpedit.msc ” the computer said there is no
gpedit.msc so what now?

David Tang says:

Before applying these settings, I recommend you create a restore point to
prevent damage to your computer. This will not work for everyone, as it’s a
configuration depending on your OS, and vendor.

mubashir seddiqi says:

As an IT Network specialist and software designer with over 3 years of
experiance in this field for a fact I know this person is playing your mind
to get more views and some money from YouTube.

First of all the connection depends on the area and then the limitation
your provider provides you with, yes there are ways to speed up your
internet and that only happens when you have a decent router and check your
routers settings.

So now you guys have the choice wether to waste your time on videos on this
or have some more research on routers :)



Andy P says:

Learn to use a keyboard aswell !! A just waisted 6mins of my life watching
this just for you to get another hit on your video

Christopher Gudgeon says:

100000x faster eh?
that means if i had 1 mbps and did this, i would have 100 gbps.
thats faster than the fastest internet speed in the world at the moment.
faster than fiber optic

Azrul Amri says:

How this channel got 5702 subs when theres only 2 videos on this channel
fake cunts?

ilam buduri says:

it means” how to speed up your internet speed 000000x faster: he typed 1
instead of 0

leon s. kennedy says:

thanks it’s working,30mbps now 9mbps

Zaim de noisy says:

just reading the title is ok this is bullshit

Echo AceSent says:

Not Quite That Much Tho XDD

MAKAB36 says:

ha ha 100000x faster, surely every one knows that’s all shit :-)

nick player says:

If anybody actually wants to speed his internet uplug all wires from the
internet for 1 min that will reset it, it helped me never try doing the
stuff like speed up internet its all bull

KellorWraith says:

First thank you, this did help my connection. things are running much
better now =). Second, Music, very nice I liked it much better than the
other vids i have seen that usually play some awful acid music I have to
turn down just to think.
Third, the typing well yea not so cool, maybe if it was typed out then you
could shrink it down so just a line or two show the you could just scroll,
just a suggestion, but A+ on effort.
Now for the guy who laughed at you, go back to computer school, you
odviously dont know what your talking about, cause it DID work!
For all you haters out there, shove off.
I rarely ever comment but this thing been frustrating me since I got this
Comp, Thanks agian

Casey Crane says:

I Tried it and it worked for a few seconds, then I heard a “Breaking News”
sound on my radio It turns out the cable company Exploded Violently! This
Video was a government plan to Destroy all high priced Cable Companies.
Don’t Try This! You’ll end up like Homer When he knocked down the Dish, I’m
Running for my Life now!

Emery Plummer says:

gpedit.msc doesn’t exist on my windows 8 system

Axle breaker says:

well your a twat aren’t ye

David Dao says:

I think it will work depends on where you are….

Abdulrahman E.Abohamilah says:

I followed all of your instructions step by step.. But not working.. it
still about 450-1500ms.. What to do ?!

kissaki G says:

Can anyone explain why when i use speedtest,torrent,browser i have speed of
20 kbyte/s but on playstore, YouTube,tubemate,blizzard launcher etc. i have
around 110 kbyte/s.

If i open a video on YouTube app(mobile) it buffers a lot but then i close
it and reopen then it doesn’t.

DirectorRylon says:

This guy made $1,802.41 over 3 years. Not bad…

DCUO Master says:

I had had great settings 1.3mbs waiting patiently 2hrs for my download and
had to be greedy to speed it up found a vid changed all my settings to the
ones in the vids it slowed down my speed to 1wk now i tried this its on
7wks I would say its your fault but 3/4 of it is mine

C Beland says:

Seriously? You create a tutorial for increasing Internet speed but types in
“SORRY MY INTERNET IS SLOW”!!!! I’m pretty sure that this should be a clear
indication that whatever it is he is teaching, you shouldn’t be learning.
To whomever created this tutorial, there was a time when you too struggled,
needed clarification, relied on the help of someones honest opinion and
advice. Why waste the time of so many, potentially manipulate another’s
only resource to the WWW by scrambling their devices? So callous. Why not
remove this along with the other materials you’ve uploaded when they serve
as nonsense? 

ute willing says:

Theres no RUN Folder for me :(

Basher bashar says:

too slow writer and slow computer as like as him also spelling 

Quaker540 says:

Another way to triple your internet speed is to take the cable off the
router, open it, take everything it has inside and plug it in the outlet
with your hands.

Bill .Meelayder says:

I hung myself before I could finish

Totti Ngo says:

i had to speed this video up to 1.50 because he types so slow

Gamer Dude198 says:

idiot windows 8 doesn’t have run >:( IT’S NOT FOR WINDOWS 8-8.1

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