How to Speed up Internet with latest tweaks (increase download speed) 2014

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Command lines (cmd) Use one at a time and hit enter (administrative mode):

commands :
netsh interface tcp set global autotuning=disabled

Other Commands (enter 1 at a time)
netsh int tcp show global
netsh int tcp set global chimney=enabled
netsh int tcp set global autotuninglevel=normal
netsh int tcp set global congestionprovider=ctcp
netsh int tcp set global dca=enabled
netsh int tcp set global ecncapability=enabled
netsh int tcp set global timestamps=disabled
netsh int tcp set heuristics disabled

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Azeez* | CS:GO says:

GPedit.msc doesnt work

TayTheEpicGamer says:

DO not do the first method, i tested it and it lowered my download speed.

md sana says:

my win is 64bit which i need to select dword32bit or 64 bit?????

EpicNichts says:

The Comment Prompt says wrong parameter

andre kibutu says:

Woow Dude this is awesome, my internet is faster far then before,great
instruction Love IT . Can you make a video on how to cool down lap top
heating . i have an HP HDX 16 , IT HEATING extremely . can you help please
. by the way i like this video .
I can watch videos now with no buffing . GREAT love it . Talk soon 

Sebastian Tabontabon says:

Do you have to do all the tweaks? Cause I couldn’t do the GP thing?

Dr_Palace says:

I have a question. Have you tried to Enable Limit Reservable Bandwidth and
set it to 0% ? If you disable it according to description the system will
set it to default value of 20%

ebenezer prosper says:

GPedit.msc doesnt work for windows 8.1

tetta sastry says:

this isnt good
my surfing speed gone up but my u torrrent speed drastically gone down
wat to do?

Brenda Cruz says:

this is great stuff. Thank you this worked for me. ZOOM I am gone!!!

jeffreysconway says:

GPedit doesn’t work on Windows7. This video must be made for the
priviledged few.

Bajan Somalian says:

4:50 very hot bangla m WTF?!?!

Remo Lontok says:

Hello sir, im on the last part of the tweak in thhe cmd after typing
the netsh interface tcp set global autotuning=disabled the cmd said that
Set global command failed on IPv4 The requested operation requires
elevation (Run as administrator) what do you think i need to doo to finish
your tutorial? thanks you =)

ali hadla says:

the command you entered in the video is not shown in the description. what
do i do? just copy all of the commands one at a time without the one you

Neelam Ashok says:

it works !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

thanks for uploading the vidio

imam ali says:

i hav windows 8.1 GPedit.msc is not working

Orepro Shejay says:

Thank You Sir Thanks for Helping me:) Subs =1 Like = 1 :)

Internet's Professionals* says:

Pardon me sir.The second tweak that you showed was wrong.What we had to do
was that we had to select enabled and replace the value from 80 to 0 and
then we had to just click OK but thanks for the first and third tweak.

Daryll Lagamson says:

is it work for me?

Shubham Amin says:

i can not fine the GPedit.msc 

J Sinha says:

is this available for windows7 ?

Sopola Arcane says:

hi what abou windows 8? any video

Mike Johnson says:

Good Song XD

zenith rajbanshi says:

your english is good

kannan raghavan says:

i am trying on it

Muhammad Zidan says:


ReD says:

It works 100% thank you !!!!!!!!!!

Akshay Gawade says:

my system is 64 bit

Full GamingClips says:

Thanks you :)

PsychicNationPC says:

It is pronounced “Redge-edit” because it is a short camel format for
registry editor.

Jonathan Valentin says:
Dune7 says:


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