How to Set Up Remote Desktop to Work from Home

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Like and Subs are appreciated! Feedback is welcome! This video will show you how to set up remote desktop in order to work from home or away from the office….


Sal Sennor says:

need help i have a Motorola router and it would be nice if you could follow
me through it ! contact me using facebook or email at i
would pay you as well via paypal.

Silvestrs Rudzitis says:

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SeanaoSeanao says:

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SeanaoSeanao says:

nice video btw!

Jorge Almazan says:

wow i remember you LOL. You’re a pretty good sniper. That was actually one
of my first times playing that game. How did you find me?

Jorge Almazan says:

Yes I’ll be sure to add you.

SeanaoSeanao says:

I was editing the video and I noticed you wrote “nice shot”. I was too
distracted to see, but like a true internet ninja I tracked you down!

Jorge Almazan says:

that’s pretty crazy. This is actually the only video where I have my email
address in the description. Anyways, let me know if you’re ever down to

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