How To Get More People To View Your Home Business Presentation

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Jah Kafele Presents Vol 1:8 Jah’s Tuesday Tips For Success In Home Business & In Life – How To Get More People To View Your Home Business Presentation. Many people fail to prosper in their home business because they get trapped into explaining what the business is versus getting the person to view the presentation.

There is really a very easy way to avoid having your prospect compel you into “throwing up” the details of your home business to them.

Jah Kafele


Jah Kafele says:
Ernest Charles III says:

Love the video….but can you share with me how do you get somebody to a
real live presentation without flaking out …. It seems like on the date
of the presentation people have 1 million excuses as to why they do not
show up…. I have learned to conquer many of the other obstacles in MLM
unfortunately this is one that is still pretty difficult. Thank you in

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