Direct Sales Home Party Plan Success How To Sell To Anyone!

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Deb Bixler says:

Hi Pat, Good content here. Like the reference to red… I am a big believer
in Fung Shui, energy, colors and elements and also focused on sharing
healthy living with everyone. Thanks, Deb

Karen Evans says:

How do I find out what color personality I have?

PatriciaMakhulo says:

Hmmm thanks! Well there is more where that came from for sure!

Monique Burns says:

Thanks Patricia for sharing. It is true that each of us has a unique and
different personality. Understanding a color personality type can truly
make a difference in how we communicate with others in business and in our
personal lives. Great topic!

partyplanpat says:

Fabulous advice! thanks~

Ally makey says:

Hey thanks for sharing , you rock o this topic 🙂

arvelllewis says:

Wonderful Patricia. Arvell Lewis

secrets2sponsoring says:

Great video!!! Never thought about this great job

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