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Hi I’m Jody Smith Owner/ Artisan of Overlay Solutions, LLC located in Summerville, SC. This is a makeover completed on a block wall in the beautiful mountains of Hendersonville, NC. This was a fun project to complete and it totally changed the look of the residence. I want to give special thanks to Nathan Giffin of and for his support and advice on this project. Nathan Giffin is a well known trainer in the Vertical Concrete industry and offers training in this art form at his site. Im a member of his training program and I recommend [More]
Educational video on How to prevent and deal with Green Hair Algae growth in saltwater & reef aquariums. By NewYorkSteelo.
Follow me on Instagram for all my latest news. Here are the links to my Puffiness & Bags Under the Eyes – Causes and Treatments – and my French Pharmacie Skincare Favourites film Also to see how to create the look in this film, take a look at my ‘Easy Effortless Winged Eye Liner – My Night Out Look’ Most of the time my job is all about prettifying – a touch of blusher here and a slick of gloss there – but very often there are beauty emergencies to be dealt with. My canvas’s are [More]
Sony Bravia LCD TV KDL models red blinking led light error codes & possible solutions, Red led light blinks flashes, red light error code troubleshooting Chart, TV shutsdown, more info at- Always try power reset, unplug powercord for 5 mins then factory reset tv & update with usb drive from sony site- 0 no red standby light-check powercord or bad main logic board or power board, check standby volts 1 red blink not used 2 red flashes is bad power board, solution replace power board 3 red flashes is bad main logic or power board, check for standby [More]
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A studio can be very well suited home, having however, as any other thing, its own advantages and disadvantages. Read more:
Buy the full 90 minute course at Udemy Or read more. Series: How to Write Effective Requirements for IT-Solutions Part I: Writing Better Requirements in Plain English Course Description “Writing Better Requirements in Plain English” gives Business Analysts, Product Owners, Product Managers, Subject Matter Experts (a.k.a. SMEs), and “anyone wearing the Business Analysis (BA) hat” a set of 3 simple rules for writing better requirement statements for information technology projects. Regardless of your title or role, if you are involved in defining future business solutions, this course will greatly improve the communication between the business community and IT. [More]
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