Read full Guide on Online Reputation Management Here:-… This video by Reputation Planners will good you through the chaotic niche of Online Reputation Management and show you how you can use it for the success of your business. Here we have explained what is online reputation management and have also enlisted some tips that every entrepreneur can do on his/her own without spending big bucks. Crafting and managing the online business reputation help individuals in establishing their company brand. Nowadays, the social media has become the popular way of communicating with the people. In fact, the social networking sites [More]
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How to Use Video Marketing for Small Business Growth With one-third of online activity spent watching a video, it is clear that video marketing is one of the most effective social media marketing ways to attract new business. Video Builds Trust According to a recent study in the US, the pace of video creation is now accelerating at an even faster speed as companies seek to better cater to millennials – the first digitally native generation. More than half of businesses in the study said they create video content at least once a week. Social media is an enormous [More]
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Cyber Insurance Policy is a must for small businesses. That is because they don’t have a solid cyber security and they are an easy target for the hackers. The Cyber Insurance Policy is a smart solution because it covers the expenses if attack occurs. These days I spoke with a friend who owns a SME and he said: “The CRM system of my company was attacked by a hacker, and I lost half of the data we had. But luckily, my company has got a cyber insurance policy, and the insurance covered all the expenses and fines.” He said that [More]
CFOs can help lead the charge when it comes to growing your company because your business strategies are deeply woven in with your financial strategies, you need CFO support for any and all of your growth initiatives: from the planning stages through to execution. When your CFO is deeply involved at a holistic strategic level—not just a superficial money management level—here’s what he can do: 1. Identify strengths and your competitive advantage. 2. Target weaknesses. 3. Understand market opportunity. 4. Create a portfolio of growth initiatives. 5. Think long-term. 6. Identify strategic partnerships. 7. Assess management effectiveness. 8. Maintain customer [More]
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