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Klick Link For Read Online Or Download Opportunity 08: Independent Ideas for America’s Next President Book : Synopsis Voters say they want to hear more from candidates about the critical issues facing our nation and less about partisan politics. Opportunity 08 answers the call with authoritative analysis and innovative policy solutions for the problems that matter most to the future of our society, our prosperity, and our world. Reflecting an impressive breadth of expertise, opinions, and political beliefs, the contributors to this book tackle diverse challenges including how to deal with Iran and Iraq, the rise of China, climate [More]
Stuffler’s Jumping Castles Franchise Opportunity in Australia Jumping Castles are a staple product for any children’s birthday party. These packs comprise some of the best castles in Australia and are all approved at the highest level of Australian Standards. Due to the retiring of the Jumping J-Jays brand, the owners are selling off 700 castles and packaging them and transferring their knowledge to hundreds of new business owners around Australia. These packs are in excellent preloved condition but come with years and years of rental money still to be collected on them. These are all commercial castles and slides, not [More]
On Equal Terms The Constitutional Politics of Educational Opportunity
Opportunity Lost Race and Poverty in the Memphis City Schools
For many Americans, the thought of college tuition is daunting, but there’s a program sweeping the nation to ease the financial burdens and allow more students to get a higher education. The College Promise Campaign is a national initiative to build support for funding the first two years of community college. The goal is to make those first two years as universal and free as high school. While it’s a national movement, local communities and states are leading the way to create College Promise programs, which will cover the tuition and fees for eligible, hardworking students who apply. One of [More]
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