Bill Clinton talks about MLM and Direct Sales

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mats Fredriksen Frøyen says:

mlm, network marketing and direct sales is the same thing :p

Teamtnt says:

Bill Clinton is an advocate of my business. Now what’s your excuse?

Bill Clinton talks about MLM and Direct Sales

Teamtnt says:

Bill Clinton is an advocate of my business. Now what’s your excuse?

Bill Clinton talks about MLM and Direct Sales

sandra rose says:

Every structure in life in a pyramid…but not every MLM company is a
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sandra rose says:

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Ahmed Eldidamony says:


Randall Klassen says:

He doesn’t endorse this scam of an industry

jrumrum1 says:

@MLMpyramidScam Typical uneducated tripe…Direct selling is the back bone
of America. Next time you have a coke, think about all the hands it passed
through before it got to your mouth, the manufacturer, the distributors and
the retailer. They all made money off your thirst. A pyramid? Get some
knowledge before you insult the hundreds of thousands of successful direct
sellers (MLMers) who are making great money and living a lifestyle that you
can only envy.

MLMpyramidScam says:

This is about as credible as when Bill Clinton said he didn’t have sexual
relations with Monica…. MLM isn’t direct selling. Direct selling isn’t a
Pyramid Scheme -MLM is. In Direct Selling, most of the commission goes to
the person who actually makes the sale, in MLM it goes to their upline.
Direct selling doesn’t force you to buy the companies products or perform
chain recruiting. In direct selling the product is front and center, in MLM
it’s the “business opportunity”.

Zydrune Vaitaityte says:

skype: zydrune.vataityte

Juan Perez says:

@liagarden: Obviously you understand the power of our industry! 🙂

Juan Perez says:

@aceshigh8881: You clearly have no idea how direct sales or this industry
works. I would imagine you’re of the philosophy to go get a J-O-B and work
for someone else. Well, guess what? You are part of their network. Problem
is, they aren’t giving you the opportunity to run your own business because
it’s not in their best interest. Sad that you’ve been brainwashed into
believing that making someone else rich is the way to go… that is the
only crime here.

HolyBomb says:

ehm, where is the part again where Clinton talks CLEARLY about mlm? Cause
there isn’t. Its just another lie like the one that Bill Gates supported
MLM, or that MLM is taught as a lecture in.. Harvant..

user account says:

So let me get this video straight…… You have a criminal, the head of a
criminal organization, who have no quams about killing and torchering
innocent people at home and abroad, promoting and endorsing MLM another
criminal industry, mostly run by criminals, ex cons, ponzi artists, with
the goal of suckering in innocent hard working people just trying to make a
few extra bucks so they can make ends meet because clintons criminal
organization keeps rapping them and stealing what lil they have?


If you love Network marketing, do respond to me.. maybe you will like what
i got..

Siegfried Triebel says:

It is not a surprise that this endorsement is shown. People who actually
have any business knowledge are aware that some of the biggest,most
credible companies in the nation are direct selling and MLM companies. Some
consumers still think they are not part of it. That is so far from the
truth. They ALL are, with the difference that they do not get nothing. Not
even a thank you. Most of the arguments I am reading a simply not based on
facts. Get educated, for a change :).

David Ledet says:

I like Bill Clinton, however, he’s never endorsed MLM. This is a speech
about direct sales, not MLM – some scammer added Network Marketing text to
make it look like Clinton endorses it. SCAM.

MLMsellsSnakeOil says:

This celebrity/ former president credibility argument is used with many
scams, including the Bernie Madoff Ponzi scheme. As for speaking fees, it
should be no surprise that the time and names of notables can often be

SotoAdvert says:


jujufactory says:

What the fuck?

BusinessLeadSoftware says:

I Love Network Marketing – Bill Clinton Was A Great President 😉

Lia Emet-Katzman says:

Just put Betty Miles in the search box on youtube. A little lady married 2
a former state Att. Gen.–made over $2 million in direct sales (network
marketing). Fuller Brush used to go door-to-door when I was a kid,& my
mother, all neighbors bought products. Tupperware reps made it big before
plastic wrap (no other way 2 protect refrigerated food.) Kirby does that–I
did that in SF when I sold NeoLife Vits. Hated it, but improved my retail
sales. Now w/FHTM & best compensation plan ever!

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