5 Internet Celebrities After They Got Famous

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SweetToothInc says:

What about 'Sitting on the toilet' girl? XD

Mordakai Junior says:

Haven't watched the video yet, predicting the person from "Leave Britney Alone" is on here.

Jack Hungry says:

Vid is 9/11 long, confirminati illumed

Also leaf a like for the reptilian brotherhood… Hissss

ThatMixed DudeTho says:

Hebrew Israelites are a JOKE and DO NOT reflect the views of the Jewish community. Stop giving us bad street cred +toptrending

Elizabeth Cason says:

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Hey, Antoine. Um – you know that you can't change your sexuality, right? You know that you're born the way you are right?

Gaming Pancake says:

The video is 9:11 long.
Illuminati confirmed!

Jessie P. (тнaт one ѕeхy doυcнeвag) says:

Gay porn huh?

arsenic Catnip says:


TnS FaMiLyGuY says:

The time is 9:11 ???

haralambos82 says:

They rapin' everybody out here!

TwistedShark 22 says:

8:00 Wait HE!

Nina The Killer says:

Hide yo kids, hide yo wife , because they be rapeing everybody out of here.

pete zengerle says:

I feel so bad for the starwars guy! SHIT!

Julie white GX says:

klye crown the one i kno i have too many pictures of him i really wanna know who is he hahaha

thirdstone blues says:

The Britney guy is a fucking idiot.


Hey bro, have you got the 1M play button yet?

Helpmeicry says:

Is it weird if I watched the Chris crooker porno and had a erection

fabian rivas says:

Vid ended at 9:11 illuminati confirmed

Prince Of It says:

I always thought that person talking about Brittney Spears was a girl. Watched that years ago when I was younger.

fake channel says:

That first guy didn't deserve all his money seeing as he became poor because of drugs and alcohol when there's other people who are poor for other reasons they don't deserve yet nobody cares about them. Good that he's giving money back to homeless people though as he's learnt that drugs aren't good.

Prince Of It says:


Cheyenne White says:

I thought Chris was a girl

pdb bosse says:

i remeber all of this

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