48 Hours Mystery: Death At SoHo House

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Gary OK says:

Thank god I'm poor …. stupid rich people doing stupid rich shit

Kat Caller says:

Narcissim breeds narcissim.

campbitch says:

that Amanda must be from the same part of London and Sharon and Ozzy. what a piece of shit set of people. a theif, a liar, just a waster, accidet waiting to happen smh

kourosh1959 says:

It all stem from bad parenthood. Where in this case a father fails in his duty to become a good, normal parent and role model to his children, the chances are that your offspring more likely than not would almost inevitably suffer one way or the other the misfortune of their wrong doings. Unfortunately in this case the ignorance of a drug and sex carved millionaire father had left a mental scar on the son's psychology and ability to grow up that propagated in his love life and relationship with his girlfriend. The result was that it unfortunately turned the son into a murderer which is the worst kind of Human mental disorder. The father was also a by-product of a society that systematically encourages corrupt and shady division and use of wealth, abuse of drugs and wild sexual behavior. The moral of the story is "America you are in trouble" wake up to the reality and better make some drastic changes or else you wouldn't need a foreign invasion to destroy you!!!

flyinspirals says:

I don't think, in a show like this, that there's enough information about the realities of the people or the court case to speculate on whether the jury got it right or wrong (and it annoys me that they encourage this unqualified speculation, which is a bad habit) but… All I know for sure is that this guy had BAD NEWS written in block letters all over him from the start — I can see it in every photo, every email, every event… the death of the dog turned out to be a real omen… 'baaad energy, stay away'. Then the fire? Come on, girl…
Nice people (inexperienced in the true ugliness of Bad) just won't see the powerful force of Too Much Bad in others, even when it's right there on the surface. She thought her positivity could 'make it better'! But creating positive Good takes so much more energy than 'creating' Bad — because 'bad', in the sense of disorganization and decay, just happens, it takes no effort at all. It has the edge from the outset.
In hindsight, I'm sure her loved ones wish they could have performed an intervention, because if they'd just gotten her to unhook one time, she'd have thought, "Wow, what on earth was I thinking?!" — lesson learned. Alas, instead… RIP. She really was a very good designer. What a waste.
I feel bad for his sister, but also pretty sure her powerful protective instinct is clouding her judgement… as, perhaps, it should. Everyone needs at least one person to believe in them.

Natalie Nichols says:

The reason the handle only has her DNa on it is because he didn't want to touch it to turn it off. She probably did turn it on. Maybe she was going to take a bath when the argument started.

Cmentman Z says:

Jury got it right!

leah christenson says:

Has anyone noticed that when they show pictures of people on this show, they look pretty attractive but then when they are interviewing them, they look disgusting?

Savannah Jones says:

I don't think he killed her! I mean her fingerprint was on the knob, not his and she was sleepy, like extremely sleepy after taking those tables. It's possible she had the bath running while she laid in the bath and fell asleep and unfortunately drowned. I don't know about the bruises on her neck but that's my theory

Laughking Tallent says:

Death at which Ho house. Being a Ho can be very dangerous.

abc def says:

like father…like brother… like sister and of course the mother!!! she and her mother barely know her brother/son but defending him as if he is an angel.

Jose Perales says:

I'm surprised the Defense did not use Sylvie's threatening email about credit cards and calling the police and him going to jail ( which he deserved) in their favor. He could easily have stated that she committed suicide and her goal was for Phyco to spend rest of his life in prison. I know she would never do that but a more experienced defense attorney would've at least brought it up and maybe ending in a hung jury. Just my 2 cents. 

Itchy Hope. says:

He smokes pot drinks, his immature and blah blah blah, doesn't make him a killer. This just doesn't add up. His guilt know isn't in question, even if his innocent? WTF?

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